Chinese Herbal Medicine in Knoxville

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicine involves the use of plants, minerals, and other natural substances in order to maintain or improve health. The seeds, roots, stem, bark, and leaves of a plant can all be utilized for their unique healing properties. Chinese Herbal Medicine has a rich, complex system of herbal formulas that have been tested and perfected over 2000 years of trial and error for the prevention and healing of disease.

Skeptical of the power of herbs? You shouldn’t be. Plants are made of powerful active compounds! In fact, 25% of prescription drugs first originated from plants. For example, morphine was created by extracting opium from poppy flower seeds whereas aspirin arose from the bark of willow trees. Because pharmaceutical companies cannot patent natural herbs, they must isolate certain active compounds and chemically synthesize them in the lab. But this process is much more likely to result in dangerous side effects because the other constituents are important too. Chinese herbs are much safer relative to prescription drugs as well as more easily accessible.

Top 10 Health Issues Herbal Medicine Treats

Herbal Medicine is highly effective at treating certain skin conditions. A topical herbal cream can relieve eczema, psoriasis, and dry, itchy, red skin. Topicals are the best choice for newborn and pediatric skin disorders. Infants react quickly to the healing herbs...
Infographic of Top 5 Common Chinese Herbs including ginger, astralagus, and licorice

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