Spring is almost here!  It is the perfect season for new growth, expansion, and renewal.  As the flowers begin to bloom and the days get warmer, you may feel inspired to awaken from your winter hibernation and start new projects.  In Chinese Medicine, nature is broken down into five seasons that correspond to a different element, internal organ, and emotion.  Each season has its own unique energetic properties that causes changes in our bodies. When we are aware of these seasonal changes and adapt our activities to support these changes, we can achieve optimal health.


Springtime is related to the Wood element.  Just as the branches of a tree expands outward and upward, our bodies have more energy and should be moved more. If we stay sedentary and do not make use of our higher energy, problems such as restlessness, agitation, and feeling stuck could arise. As the disharmony worsens, headaches, ringing in the ears, and angry outbursts can crop up. So for better mood and health, get out and be active! You can walk, swim, dance, or even clean.

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